A brand for Pampered Ponies

Project Overview
Byron & Beyond was a new start up business based in Byron, Australia which operates as a high-end equine health spa using salt therapy.

The owner, Terry came to me to create a brand for her new venture. The overall theme she wanted was to create a brand that was similar to the high-end spa’s for humans giving the overall feel of luxury.

The main aspect of the design was to create the livery for her mobile salt therapy trailer. This was part of a franchise that had set design styles that needed to be adhered to and incorporated into the design.

The Brand
The Livery
The outcome

An eye-catching brand was created along with standout graphics for the horse trailer as well as adding a bit of  fun to the artwork (the rear) which made them stand out from the rest of their competitors.

It was a difficult process having to incorporate existing design elements into a new bespoke design but this was eventually achieved and the overall look and feel was exactly what Terry, the owner, was looking for.

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